Wednesday, January 18, 2012

25 lb Throat Warmer

I have a 25 pound throat warmer. My throat stays very warm when I use it. The problem is that it’s 25 pounds. On my throat. Which is not so conducive to throat-clearing, swallowing, or breathing.

My throat warmer is named MT. She’s much like me, not really a morning person. She’s content to wake up slowly, preferably after she’s transferred herself to my bed. Being not a morning person, I’m content with this idea. I love early morning snuggles, especially if they’re later in the morning. (I’m less enamored with a throat warming in the middle of the night.) I’ve called MT my “Schnuggle Muffin” since very early on. She’s a cuddler. She loves to snuggle in the rocking chair. On the couch. In my bed. On the floor (lying on me, of course). Her older sister, HM, is like her father. As soon as the eyes open, so does the mouth, and springs propel her out of bed and into her day. Some days it’s jet engines. Lying around in bed with Mama is of no interest to her.

So I relish the snuggle time. But time has marched on. MT is no longer the 7 lb 3 oz creature of her birth. She’s 25 pounds. That’s a lot of weight on my throat. Sometimes she’ll let me move her. She’s ok with that, as long as I move her to my face. She doesn’t have to lay on my throat. My face is acceptable. Which still has an impact on breathing. So I do love snuggling, but breathing is kinda important too.

Everyone keeps telling me that I should enjoy it, because this phase passes so quickly. Oh I will. If I survive it.


  1. Cromwell wakes us up at 6 if he's in his kennel, but will snuggle until we wake up if we let him sleep with us. So he sleeps with us!

    1. Yes Janice, our 25 and 30 lb lap warmers would LOVE bed privileges! But we'd need a bigger bed before we started allowing kids and dogs on the bed! Of course, it might be worth the money if it allowed us to sleep in later...