Friday, January 20, 2012

Lonely Socks Club

Here's a picture of today's Lonely Socks Club get-together (also known as laundry day). 

I typically wash all of the contents of the girls' hamper together in one giant load. And the floor is currently sock free. BH would tell me to just throw the oddballs away and move on. But I feel sorry for them. The optimist in me feels confident that they can find their mates and go on to live happy, productive lives. The realist in me knows that I could open the Candyland box and find 5 random socks stashed in there. So I gave them their own box on top of the clothes drawers in the closet. They can keep each other company. Commiserate. 

And I'm a cheapskate. Throw away perfectly good socks? Heck no! In a pinch, we could make 8 perfectly serviceable pairs out of them. But only in a pinch. (We wouldn't want people to think I can't match my kids' socks!)

Oh, and don't think I'm not keeping track of how many socks I put in that box. My theories of sock reproduction suggest that I could find more than 16 the next time I look...

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