Friday, January 13, 2012

Cheap Date

I just came back from a great holiday party for BH's company. It was awesome. We got really dressed up. We went to a club on Landsdowne Street. We ate tasty food we didn't cook. And I had two glasses of wine. After not eating much for the last 48 hours. Maybe not a good idea. Anyway, I chatted with some of BH's co-workers and their spouses while drinking said wine and eating said food, and had a really good time. There was a live band. There was an open bar. There was a crowd of people and their significant others, all who do really smart and interesting things. I want to live vicariously through many of them. (Ice climbing! Avalanche training on Mt. Washington! Scuba diving in the Bahamas! Leaving tomorrow for the Caribbean! Amazing!) And what did I mostly talk about? Being a mom. My fantastic kids. I showed them pictures on my handy iPhone. I was totally a mom in a place full of cool people.

And I had a great time.

And the two glasses of wine I drank are making the screen in front of me blur because I just had a stomach bug, and the dinner I ate was more than the rest of the food I've consumed in the last 48 hours. Maybe I shouldn't be typing in this condition. Thank you Lord for spell checker.

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