Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why Do Mommy Bloggers Blog?

One of the big complaints of moms is “I don’t have enough time for ME!”
But if this is true, why are there so many Mommy Bloggers? Why would they waste their precious spare moments on the computer?

I think I can answer this one.
Because we’re allowed to think that someone’s actually listening to us.

We know at home that no one is listening.
Here are a few sample “conversations” that I’ve had recently:

Conversation #1:
Me: “MeToo, please come here.”
MeToo:  (sits down where she is)
Me:  “Come here.”
MeToo: (stares at me blankly, smiles a little)
Me:  “Come here! 1! 2!”
MeToo:  (starts screaming, reluctantly starts coming over before I get to 3)
Me:  “If you’d listened to me earlier, I wouldn’t have to use the Mean Mommy voice!”

Conversation #2:
Me:  “HeyMama, please wait until we all sit down before you start eating.”
HeyMama:  (puts down food, 5 seconds later starts eating again)
Me:  “Put the food down! I asked you to wait!”

Conversation #3:
Me:  “So I was thinking of having the new couple from church over for dinner. What do you think?”
BestestHusband: (snores softly)

On a blog, we have evidence that someone is listening to what we say. Blogger logs pageviews. People leave nice messages and stop me at the gym to tell me they've been reading my blog (thanks Lovey!). Friends “like” posts on Facebook. Some people actually leave comments in the comments section!

Halleluia! SOMEONE is actually listening and responding in an encouraging and meaningful way!

So even if I never become a Blogging Bazillionaire, I will continue to be a Mommy Blogger. Thank you thank you thank you for listening to me. And not interrupting me every 90 seconds.

Why do you like blogs? If you have a blog, why do you do it?


  1. I'm listening... :-)

  2. I'm listenin' too...keep the blog-post-crack coming! While I don't know exactly where the time comes from, your explanation makes good sense. I find the mommy blogs educational and yours is very well-written!

    1. Thanks Brandi! Feel free to get other friends hooked!

  3. I'm still very familiar with conversation #3; a corollary response would be "huh?" or "I didn't hear you" (that one much more frequent recently). Dear Daughter disappears so she can pretend she's still in her own apartment where she can pretend I don't exist unless there is an emergency (i.e. money needed).

    I don't blog now because 1) my life seems pretty boring when you see it in print and 2) my derriere needs less sitting time & more moving around time. I do enjoy reading others like yours; I also read my yoga teacher's blog and one by Dominique Browning about being mindful of daily sense experiences.....beauty in art, textures, aromas, etc. I enjoyed her essays when she was editor of House & Garden and as she is of a similar age I enjoy the viewpoint of a postmenopausal woman. It's a whole different place from early motherhood!

    1. My favorite response to #3 is "Huh? Were you saying something?"
      Thanks for your continued readership!