Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life Lessons Learned at the Gym

Yesterday started with high hopes for a busy day that included me as a Trophy Wife, MeToo as a research participant, naps in the car,and orientation for one of our favorite daycare teachers who will be dog sitting for us. Well, some of those things happened. I went to the gym feeling not great, but told a fellow mom (Hi Jenna!) “If I work out for even 30 minutes,I’ll consider it a success.” Well, I made it just past the 30 minute mark. So I guess I have to call that part of the morning a success. Any time life breaks my stride, I tend to observe things I otherwise wouldn’t have. Yesterday this was good and bad, depending on how you look at it… In the interest of finding joy in every day, I’ll focus on the good and share some life lessons highlighted by my trip to the gym.

  1. Set reasonable goals. Acknowledge when you meet those goals.Be open to surprising yourself and surpassing them, but don’t beat yourself up when you can’t. Celebrate your accomplishments.
  2. Bend at the knees, not at the waist. Especially if you’re butt-naked in a gym dressing room and there are people (like me) standing immediately behind you. Not only is it better for your back, it’s better for the eyes of people standing behind you.
  3. It’s best not to share all of the intimate details of your life with strangers. This applies not only to your girl-parts at the local gym, but probably also applies to reality TV, credit card numbers, and innumerable elements of your identity. Other people will appreciate your sense of privacy,too.
  4. Save the close-in parking spots for people who really need them. If you’re a healthy 20-something, the old ladies and the mothers carrying two bucking and screaming toddlers will appreciate not having to walk 2 blocks to their car. I mean, seriously, look around the gym. It’s a bunch of octogenarians and harried-looking stay-at-home-moms. Certainly it’s easier for you to walk to the auxiliary lot than them.

Ok, so those lessons aren’t earth-shaking. But I certainly won’t forget them any time soon. Especially rules #2 and 3. Some things just get seared into your visual cortex and need time to be forgotten.

Have you learned any valuable life lessons at the gym?

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