Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sock Census

Today's sock census:  11

11 socks were found on the floor at the end of today. Some pairs, some singles, but a total of 11. And I know they didn't start the day on the floor.

It's a bit of a mystery to me. Only 8 of the 16 feet in my household wear socks. And the socks I started my day with are still on my feet. So that makes 6 feet in the household that could be responsible for the socks...

Unless the dogs have started wearing them. Is there a canine version of cross dressing? Are my dogs Trans-specied? Where does that fit into the GLBT umbrella?

A further analysis of the socks does confirm one adult (ahem, male) pair of socks, and the rest are child-sized. Which I guess would make more sense for the dogs. Really, the girls' socks would be too big, but the dogs don't have the strength to fetch the bins of newborn clothes that contain our stash of tiny socks. Nor do they have the thumbs required to open the latches...

So it's an ongoing mystery. Where do the socks come from? Is it the dogs? Do the socks reproduce? If so, I can vouch for their fertility. And rapid gestation.

Any clues? Anyone else have this problem at their house?


  1. Same article of clothing, but different problem - I just did laundry and for the third time this week I seem to have 4 single socks left over, no matches! I just don't understand where all the socks go, it's like something sucks them right out of the dyer - 1 of Ellie's and 3 of Brad's (2 athletic, 1 dress?). Occasionally the match will re-appear with another load on another day, but not always. Thank god Tessa and Drew are mostly in sleepers and not wearing socks yet - theirs would be too small to even keep track of :)

  2. Ah, but Jackie, can you rule out Rookie's involvement in the whole sock situation? Whose socks would Rookie choose to wear?

    I have to say I don't envy your future of sock management... We have the same sock orphaning thing going on here with only 4 humans. I think twins would put me over the edge!