Monday, January 16, 2012

Things I Learned Today

Happy MLK Day!
BH and the girls and I spent the day together, and it turned out to be quite educational. I'd like to share a few things that I learned today:

  1. Wet Ones in the car can freeze. Which makes it impossible to pull out individual wipes to clean up any poo that might have blasted out all over a carseat. 
  2. Poo all over a carseat makes me extremely anxious. 
  3. Poo blasts are most destructive in cold weather, due to wearing multiple layers.
  4. Trying to take off 6 items of poo-smeared clothing without smearing it further makes me anxious.
  5. You need to have a bathtub free of bathtub toys before trying to put a poo-covered toddler in it. 
  6. The idea of poo-covered bathtub toys makes me extremely anxious. 
  7. Hand-held shower nozzles are extremely handy for managing poo blasts.
  8. I'm extremely thankful BH installed a new hand-held shower nozzle this past week. Extremely thankful. 
  9. Partly-digested onions are recognizable, even after being blasted all over a toddler. 
  10. I never want to clean up a piece of party-digested onion from a bath mat again.
  11. My darling MT was stoic in the face of a hysterical and anxious mother who stripped her down in a cold bathtub and starting hosing off poo with a hand-held shower nozzle. 
  12. Enzyme-based laundry sprays really are amazing at treating poo blasts. 
  13. MT's winter coat will be wearable again as soon as the dryer dings. 
  14. Managing a poo blast automatically entitles you to a glass of wine. 
Happy MLK Day everyone!


  1. Hey Joy, what enzyme-based laundry spray do you use? We have a similar beloved cleaner for the dog messes on fabric (Nature's Miracle), but would love a reco for laundry.

    1. I like Bio-Kleen's Bac-out. It's great for cloth diapers, and seems to remove dog barf from the rug pretty well, too. And it smells nice and limey!

      I got mine at Whole Foods. Other similar stores should sell it too.

    2. Oh, and it's really great on stinky athletic wear! The "wicking" fabrics tend to wick stench, but the Bac-out actually makes them smell good!

  2. I learned #1a yesterday, too, but mercifully my lessons stopped there. Congratulations on your glass of wine! Exceptionally well deserved.