Friday, January 27, 2012

Pleasant Surprises

Today started out on the wrong foot. My 25 lb throat warmer made a visit in the night. When she wasn't busy trying to warm my throat and face, she was twirling my hair and generally just poking me enough to keep me from sleeping well. So I did NOT greet the gray foggy morning with a smile. Of course, I don't usually greet mornings with a smile in general, but this morning got a distinctive frown and grumble. 

But I was determined. We WOULD get out of the house and enter HeyMama into the BPS Lottery. (Bigmoneybigmoneybigmoney NO WHAMMIES!) No time for the gym or general hygiene. This was a morning for throwing on some clothes and getting out the door!

So we did. BestestHusband missed his bus, so we all bundled into rain gear and headed to the car. BestestHusband got a ride to the train station to get to work on time, and then we dashed to daycare to get a copy of HeyMama's immunization report. They had told me that they could take her at daycare today. After Tuesday's plumbing crisis, they offered to let her fill an open slot that they had today. 

This is where the pleasant surprises come in: 

  • They had an open slot for MeToo, as well. 
  • Both girls wanted to stay and play with friends.
  • I was able to go to the school registration center without any kids in tow.
  • There was no line when I got there.
  • The guy was very friendly and helpful.
  • The round-trip time from leaving daycare to leaving the registration center was 30 minutes. Total.
  • I have the rest of the morning to myself WITH NO KIDS!!!
  • The heavy rain didn't start 'til I got home.


What to do with all of this time to myself? Probably laundry. (Sad, huh Shannon?)
And I will hang those pictures that have been sitting in a box on the bedroom floor for the last year. (No, really. I WILL! I'll even post pictures when I'm done!)

But I did learn a few things while talking to the nice BPS guy. I apparently picked the perfect time to come to the office to avoid a wait:

  • I avoided the first and last week
  • I came during bad weather

But according to him, "There could be a blizzard the first week and there'd still be a line out the door."
It doesn't matter when you come during the open registration window; it doesn't improve your chances of getting a better placement number. It does affect how much time you spend waiting to register. So applying on a whim apparently turned out to be a good plan. That's another pleasant surprise! And unfortunately a reinforcing consequence to my procrastination...

Happy Friday! Hope your day is full of pleasant surprises!

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