Sunday, January 15, 2012


My household has a love/hate relationship with Ikea. I love it. BH hates it. Ok, so “hate” is a “sad word”, and “certainly we can find a different word”*. BH reacts to every trip to Ikea with a groan, eye roll, and a question along the lines of, “Do we really need more Samla?” Samla is a line of Ikea’s storage containers. They’re cheap, translucent, multi-sized, and cheap. Did I mention how reasonably priced they are?

BH:  “Are those for Anne?” (I’m trying to turn my dear friend Anne into a Samla junkie too.) 
Me:  “No, they’re for me.” 

He’s kind enough to not point out how much Samla we already own, and how ridiculous my obsession with Samla is. But it’s not ridiculous. Because if I have enough storage containers, I will become an organized person!

We all engage in some kind of magical thinking:
If I wear more stylish clothes, more people will like me.
If I get a new haircut, I’ll look 20 years younger.
If I drive a nicer car, I”ll get more dates.
If I stop eating so much chocolate, I could lose the 10 lbs I gained since weaning my second child.
Hmm, actually, that last one would probably work…

But maybe, just maybe, if I have enough containers, I can become the organized person I’ve always dreamt of being.

So this week I got another Samla fix. And I got BH a bag of Swedish Fish. Maybe he won’t groan so much when he enters that receipt into our finance software…

Dear Ikea, if you want me to be your Samla ambassador to Boston, I’d be happy to take the job. You can even pay me in Samla.
Large Samla bins holding outgrown kids clothes
More basement Samla. Some with printed labels!
Large Samla full of craft stuff, above the spare bedroom closet.
Medium-sized Samla holding craft stuff in the spare bedroom closet.
These aren't Samla. But they're from Ikea and I love them.
BH got some fish. He loves them.

By the way, this doesn't even include all the Samla in the girls' room. But they're sleeping, so I couldn't take pictures of them. 

*Does anyone else scold themselves using the same words they use with their kids? Or is it just me?


  1. Oh Joy! I too keep buying containers in the hopes that one day I will be organized. I think I have a long way to go. I hate it when I lose the covers. Where do they go- single sock land?

  2. LOL! Hello, my name is Shannon Going. I am a Trofast addict. Somebody help me!!!

  3. I'm at least a partial convert (why, oh why, did I ever buy solid blue rubbermaid bins for the basement? Maybe see no evil? But instead, out of sight/mind). I only wish they had the clasps intrinsic to the containers. Ikea, if you're listening...