Monday, January 23, 2012

Glitter and Cupcake Kind of Day

Today was an awesome day. I was in the Mommy ZONE! 

First, we went to the warehouse store for milk, bananas, sugar, and diapers. I saved a lot of money on milk, bananas, sugar, and diapers. 
Then we went to the craft store! I blew all of my savings and more on glitter! And a flower-shaped paper punch! (but it’s not SO bad, because I got some stuff on clearance, got a coupon from a nice lady in line, and joined the rewards program so I could get a discount and help justify purchases that I know I will make in the future when I get more coupons in the mail.) 
Then we went sledding! And only shed a little blood. 
And we ran into a friend in the Arboretum! And had them over for hot chocolate, lunch, and a play date! 
And the guy from the gas company came over and changed our gas meter.
Then we had nap/rest time. 
And we did crafts with glitter and the flower-shaped paper punch! 
And we baked cupcakes! 
And I made a lovely, healthy, and tasty dinner! 
And while I was prepping dinner, I chopped extra veggies for snacking during the week and started packing lunches for tomorrow! 
Then BestestHusband come home and enjoyed aforementioned dinner and cupcakes, bathed the kids, and put them to bed in a good mood.

It was an awesome day. One of those rare days when I feel in control and feel like an awesome mom. Which basically means that the kids decided to play along with my plans and let me get a little cocky. It’s days like this that lure me into setting my bar a little higher. 

Why just make homemade bread when I could grind my own wheat too? How awesome would it be to have a sack of GRAIN down in the basement to scoop into my gingham apron and carry upstairs to my handy grain mill. And while I’m at it, I should consider raising my own CHICKENS! Wow! Think of how fresh everything would taste! It would be GREAT! (we’ll ignore the fact that chickens are illegal in Boston and our neighborhood coyotes would be hunting them constantly; hey, why not take a walk on the wild side?)

Thankfully I occasionally listen to the rational voices in my head. But having calm and cooperative kids could be addictive. Think of all the cool things we could do if I could be productive EVERY day! Yet experience tells me I just used up my productivity ration for the week. Cook another nice dinner? GOOD LUCK! Check off everything on my ToDo list? FAT CHANCE! Have another day of esteem-boosting performance? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

So I sit back and admire the events of today. I’ll savor them and try to commit them to memory. And on the normal days that are sure to follow, I’ll look back wistfully, and make a wish for another Glitter and Cupcake Day.

What happens on your Mommy Zone days?


  1. Can't remember if I ever had a day when I was in the Mommy Zone......kept hoping for one, but I don't think there were any. And did you know you can grind your own wheat/rye/oats/whatever in a super duper Vitamix? If you pro-rate the cost of the machine over each loaf of bread produced, how many loaves will it take to make it pay for itself (assuming $$ of equivalent bread ~$6 Boston price for artisinal quality)?

    1. Janice, when I become a true Trophy Wife with kids in school all day and mani/pedi appointments on a weekly basis, I will definitely get myself a Vitamix and grind my own wheat/rye/oats/whatever. I'm looking forward to it!