Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today was a great day. I worked at the rehab down the street, so I had time to run a few errands before picking up the girls. I dropped off BestestHusband's suit to be dry cleaned before Easter. I went to the liquor store and bought yummy wines for the Easter Feast (also called "The foretaste of the Feast to come"), and picked up a case of Sam's Spring seasonal brews. Sam is great. I love Sam. Then I went to the grocery store and bought milk. ON SALE! And got tortillas for the turkey tacos that wonderful neighbor Jackie made for us for dinner. And got Easter treats for a certain BIL/Uncle that's been deployed to a place where chocolate bunnies dare not go. (Thank God for jelly beans! I don't have to worry about them melting!) I was super-productive! I was on top of the world!

Then I went to pick up the girls. It took us 30 minutes to leave daycare, but the girls were outside on the playground, and I was chatting with other moms. But as soon as we got home, the insanity began.

Within 5 minutes of me being in the house, we had 1 girl injured, 1 girl in timeout, ink stamps all over the girls' play/craft table, 1 poopy butt wiped, 1 urgent diaper change, 6 nose-blows, and 3 refereed conflicts. And supervised apologies and table-cleaning. And that was just after I got the groceries into the house. The backpacks are still sitting on the counter, hours later. The lunch boxes still have dirty containers in them, hours later. We were in full-blown crisis mode for nearly the entire time we were home. I mixed up a batch of strong margaritas and herded the family to Jackie's for dinner as soon as I could. 

Seriously? We can't be home for 20 minutes without constant crisis? It's no wonder that I don't feel like I get anything accomplished!!!

I keep telling myself that this constant "crisis" management is preparing me for greater things in the future. Maybe I'm meant to have a thriving private practice with a large staff? Raising children will certainly prepare me for managing the constant stream of conflicts that can arise. It's amazing what kids can use as a source of conflict. I'm not sure what other purpose this can serve. I do believe that God gives us challenges for a reason. Maybe my sense of humor needs honing? Maybe I just need to "exercise my patience" (as the girls and I chant while doing mock calisthenics and waiting for something). I have to believe that all of the absurdity is for a greater purpose. Because, seriously? I mean, really? You've got to be kidding!

Thank you Jackie for giving us a destination and a reason to not be crazy. And thank you for a yummy dinner. Sorry to not leave you the rest of the margaritas. I needed the water bottle for the gym tomorrow, and I figure that with nursing the twins and all, you wouldn't drink them. I'm finishing them as I type. Thank God for spell-check. I think I decided that I shouldn't blog after margaritas... Whatever. Because these kids... seriously!

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  1. E loved having her friends over and I never would have guessed all that chaos occurred prior to your arrival if you didn't just type it. The girls did great, were polite (may I please be excused?) and hopefully had fun and ate a somewhat healthy dinner. It seems like we have improved behavior when amongst others as well - so I guess we need to do this more often. Oh, and thanks for doing the dishes (I don't care if they aren't in the dishwasher the way I usually do them, because I didn't have to do them!). We got bathed and ready for bed with only minor crying from babies while they waited to be nursed!