Tuesday, April 24, 2012

World Malaria Day

Have you ever had malaria? No, thankfully, neither have I.
It's not something we have to worry about here. For this we should give thanks daily.
Because in other parts of the world, you have a good chance of losing your children to malaria. Your pregnant sister. Your own life. 
Malaria kills 1440 people every day. Someone every 60 seconds.
The Lutheran Malaria Initiative is working with partners around the world to reduce the deaths caused by malaria. With a bed net and some education, lives are being saved. 
Today is World Malaria Day. 
What should you do?
At 2:40pm, stop for a moment and consider what our lives would be like if malaria was as dangerous here as it is in Africa. Look around your family and wonder who would be taken by the disease. Imagine the conversation you'd have with your friend after she lost her second child to malaria. 
Pray for the people who live with such a reality.
Look in your wallet. Do you have $10? This is enough to save one family. Consider donating to the Lutheran Malaria Initiative. 100% of your donation will go to mosquito nets and education. Yes, 100%. And a bed net can protect an entire family. Imagine that. $10 = saving a family. 
And when you're done, pass this info along to family and friends. You have the ability to make a concrete and lasting change to families around the world. So does your sister. Your mom. Your college roommate. Your neighbor. Your dog-walker. That's a lot of change...

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