Monday, April 2, 2012

Thank God for Grandpas!

We got hailed on today. Just briefly. But it was enough to make the girls want to leave the playground. It was tiny hail, really just slush that couldn't figure out what form of precipitation it wanted to be and leaned a bit too far in the "solid" direction. So not painful, but cold and unpleasant. But it was quite handy.

I'm appreciative of anything right now that makes the girls easier to get along with while BestestHusband's in Amsterdam. Last night was not a great night for sleeping. So this morning was not a great morning for waking. So I'm especially thankful for Grandpa. BestestHusband's mother went to join him in Amsterdam. His father came here. I consider it to be a pretty good deal. Already we've had a handful of niggling little projects finished. And the dogs are currently being walked by Grandpa. And Grandpa's just so darn helpful around the house. And the girls love him. So it really is a joy to have him here. 

And while he's here, I've scheduled a haircut. And I'm trying to get a first appointment with a PT for my back and shoulder. And maybe even a massage. Life is good. 

Thank God for Grandpas!

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