Monday, April 16, 2012

Marvelous Monday

Marathon Monday dawned as hot as was promised. And the girls woke up bright and early. So we got an early start at the gym. Actually, we opened the babysitting room. It's a first. So I got in a long workout. Then we ran an errand (I returned my last unwanted bathing suit) and went to the playground.  We ran into Jenna and the boys (nice sundress, Jenna!). It was warm. The girls didn't really object when it was time to leave. We ate lunch. We all napped. We woke up. I had iced coffee. We went to the Lebanese market. We walked around the square and got ice cream. We sat outside eating it and watched the neighborhood go by. Busses. Trains. Dogs. Neighbors. We went home, cooked dinner, and ate it on the patio. We watched the sun set. We drank yummy wine. The girls played in the yard. BestestHusband rearranged some more dirt. The dogs frolicked. We watched the first stars and bats come out. The air was mild. The sky was lovely. Everything flowed together so perfectly. Life was as it should be. It was a delicious conclusion to a lovely day.

I frequently hear moms lament the ever-growing tendencies of their children. "They're growing up so fast! Where did my baby go?" I don't lament this. Growing up led them to joyfully leaping off the climbing structure tonight. Kicking their legs on a bench, eating their ice cream this afternoon. Growing up led them to running around the yard, giggling, singing to the bat that swooped overhead. I don't lament this at all.

I think it's all marvelous.

It's finally iced coffee weather!!!

Dinner alfresco. Waiting for the fish to come off the grill...
BestestHusband rearranging dirt.
A lovely evening sky

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