Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Barnacle and the Fish

So last week the girls started swimming lessons. I wanted to wait until we could start them both at the same time, and it needs to be on a Saturday so that BestestHusband can participate. With an upcoming summer trip to a lake house with extended family, this seemed like an appropriate time to start. 

So for the past two Saturday mornings, we spent 9-9:30 in the YMCA pool. The class is disappointingly unstructured, but the girls don't seem to mind. 

HeyMama is turning into a real fish. She's still not so thrilled to have her face in the water yet, but give her a few flotation devices and she's paddling her way back and forth across the pool like a pro. We find a destination point across the pool, and off she goes. I've seen her get gradually braver each time. 

MeToo is still a barnacle. I nicknamed her The Boston Strangler today. She wraps her arms around my neck and hangs on for dear life. This is going to take a bit longer for her. I see a lot of "zero entry" pools in our future this summer. That's ok. HeyMama was a bit of a barnacle last summer too. 


  1. Pools can be very intimidating (speaking as a former barnacle). Both my big girls were initially quite nervous about pools. It was going to the reservoir beach that got them used to the water. Because there aren't any stairs, they can choose any level of water contact they are comfortable with. And since it's a beach, sitting out doesn't mean missing out on the fun. So they start out playing in dry sand, realize wet sand is more fun, let water touch their toes without ill effect, get in one inch deep, and gradually they're in the water, and suddenly you're standing over them as they splash wildly, to pull them out whenever their little heads go under.
    Pools are just too digital - my kids needed an analog water experience. If you want to come out and join us at the res this summer let us know!

    1. We'd love to join you at the res! I was just thinking about that today!!!