Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good Gamish and Insanely Great Gummies

Today was a day of many small successes. I'm going to celebrate the small wins. Because parenting small children doesn't feel like you're "winning" all the time.

The day started out with a dog and a skunk. BestestHusband took the dogs for a long walk, and came back with a very smelly Mandy. He thinks that she didn't really CHASE the skunk this time, just accidentally stumbled into it. Regardless, we had a skunked dog. Thankfully the weather was milder than the last time, so we were able to open all of the windows in the house for the whole day to ventilate. And I discovered a great home remedy to skunk smell. No, it's not tomato juice...
1. Saturate the dog's fur in straight-up white vinegar. 
It neutralizes the odor. Quite well, actually...
2. Shampoo the dog with blue Dawn dish detergent. 
It's what they use to de-grease wildlife in oil spill zones. And you know what? It degreased the oil from the skunk spray and Mandy no longer stinks! I was able to hold her in my lap after dinner without the urge to gag.
WE WIN! It's yet another use for both vinegar and blue Dawn, and I should start stocking up...

The day also started out with 2 sore throats. So we skipped the gym. But a bit of pain reliever and we're good as new. We kept the day easy to promote actually getting better. But we're doing ok, and will go to work and preschool tomorrow. 

I experimented with making a new, extra-creamy, high-fat yogurt. I started with whole milk and added a pint of heavy cream. I wanted to try it out for our favorite neighborhood twins, who are slowly expanding their diet of solid foods and eat a lot of yogurt. Also, I thought it would make yummy fro-yo, too. I tried a new water bath method. And I think it worked! So I now have 5.5 quarts of extra decadent yogurt in my fridge. 
I WIN! (Jackie, your tester quart is among that 5.5, so I can give you some tomorrow and you can win, too!)

I used 7 different containers of leftover ingredients while making dinner tonight. BestestHusband asked, "Is this a recipe, or a gamish?" (his term for a concoction of mine that's created to use up ingredients). "A gamish."
"It's pretty good. 4 forks!"
I cleaned out the fridge, prevented food waste, and got 4 forks! 

BestestHusband brought out his souvenirs from his recent trip to Germany - 4 flavors of insanely great gummy bears:  prosecco, strawberry-rhubarb, grapefruit, and exotic fruits. Holy cow, they were insanely great. They deserve a blog post of their own. And they don't even have to be indecent to get my attention. The Germans really know their gummies!

Oh! And as a bonus, we got the girls to bed EARLY today! And they didn't even get upset about it!
WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so maybe I have a boring life that these events are worth mentioning. But hey, sometimes you've got to look for joy in life.

Did you win today?


  1. Yes I won. Chose family over fame, righteous over popular and helped improve the lives of five very special people. Extra time with the children, extra support shown toward the husband and a well-needed pat on the back for myself. Lost a wishy-washy job promotion last week and I've been feeling pretty sucky. Glad to see I can still win and be disappointed at the same time. A much-needed skill in motherhood and corporatehood.

    1. Just because it's winning doesn't mean it's easy. Congrats on your win, and your ability to frame is as such!

  2. My 5 year old told me I'm a wonderful mommy as she went to bed. Makes me all sniffly to think about it. Who can ask for more?
    We also had a fun expedition to the park and everybody (except the 1 month old) walked there and back no problem and played well together. Now, the 1 month old did come home naked except for a diaper and blankie due to an unfortunate poo-splosion, but hey, it all got cleaned up with the emergency stroller pack, so no problem. No one can see her under the stroller shade anyway...

    1. Only one poosplosion? You definitely win.