Monday, June 11, 2012

Downsizing. And a Miracle or Two...

Today was an exciting day. We did some serious downsizing. We sold our double stroller to a woman with a single stroller of the same brand. It was newer, less-used, and significantly SMALLER! I'm SO EXCITED!!!

Now an observant person might ask, "But don't you have 2 kids? Where does the second one go?" 

Well, some of the additional money that changed hands helped buy the glider board for HeyMama to stand on. It folds up when not in use. It's pretty amazing. The girls are excited, and I can't wait for them to see it in the morning. I sold the double and got the single this morning, and bought the glider after the girls were in bed. That's why I have the stroller parked in the kitchen. I want them to see it first thing in the morning. It's like Christmas. For me, at least...

Here's a look back at our old stroller. It's an awesome stroller if you need a double. Walks and trips to the Arb were a dream. Especially with smaller kids. And it folds so quickly and easily. And it's light for a double. But it's not great for getting on busses. Or the T. Or into tiny stores in the Square. And it's not great for getting your preschoolers to get a bit of incidental exercise getting from Point A to Point B.

So I'm really excited about the prospects of using public transportation this summer. Have I mentioned that I'm excited about the new stroller?

Ok, so I did mention that we had a miracle or two today. I truly believe that we don't recognize the small miracles that occur in our modern life. Does a miracle really have to require raising someone from the dead or feeding thousands of people with just a few fish and loaves of bread for us to recognize it as a miracle? Here are the miracles that I saw today:

1. I made it to my PT appointment on time. This requires a bit of back story... I went to bed late. MeToo climbed into our bed at some point in the middle of the night. She proceeded to twiddle my hair and generally keep me from sleeping. So I didn't wake up at 6:00 when BestestHusband did. No, I regained semi-consciousness at 7:25. My PT appointment was at 8:00. I had 35 minutes to get myself ready, get the girls up and dressed, pack a breakfast for everyone, drop the girls off at daycare, and drive myself to  the office during the morning commute time. Anyone with small children knows that this would require a miracle to actually happen as planned. Well folks, a miracle happened today. BestestHusband and I made it happen. And no doubt there was a big dose of the grace of God. Because how often do things go WRONG when we're in a hurry that keep us from actually leaving on time? I think it's more the rule than the exception in our household. Except for this morning. I can only attribute that to a miracle.

2. Everything else happened today, as well. After the PT appointment, I picked up the girls from daycare. We went to the gym. I did a real workout. Then showered. Then we drove towards our stroller rendezvous point. The meeting time had been pushed back an hour, so we went to Target to pick up a few things. Then we got the stroller. Then we dropped a bag of stuff off at Ruth House. Then we came home. Then the plumber came over. Then I cleaned the floors downstairs. Then we went outside. Then someone came over to buy the carseat adaptor from our old stroller. I started folding the laundry on the spare bed. BestestHusband came home. We ate dinner. I drove out to pick up the gliding board. It was quick. So I stopped by DSW to see if the red patent flats I'd been eyeing were finally on clearance. They were. I was able to replace the scuzzy and smelly brown flats I wear to work in the summer. I came home and finished folding the laundry. I'm writing a blog post. I'm about to go weed out the winter clothes from my closet. THAT IS A LOT OF STUFF FOR ONE DAY! I can't help but think that this is yet another miracle. Everything fell into place perfectly. How often does this happen? If I were the gambling type, I'd play the lottery. But instead, I'll just be thankful that miracles don't restrict themselves to the lame walking and lepers being instantly healed. 

What minor miracles have you experienced lately?


  1. You know, I try to look for minor miracles every day. Some days are easier than others...
    Like the fact that I get to sleep with my daughter if she needs cuddles for two weeks while my husband is away (rather than dwelling on the fact that I am on my own with a small child for 2 weeks). Or that I GET to spend two weeks with her watcher her grow!
    It is something I push to do every day, and it makes my days better and makes me a better person.
    Thanks for helping me to remember to do it for today.

    1. I'm impressed by your ability to keep your eyes on the silver lining when you're flying solo with a baby for 2 weeks. You rock Tia!

  2. Today was the first smooth day since my maternity leave started 8 weeks ago!! The stars must have been aligned today!!

  3. Both kids took a long nap at the same time - and so did I! The day was going downhill quickly, and God turned it around!

    1. Family nap time is a miracle. One that I always wish happened more often...