Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stewardship Sunday

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. But certain things are still the same. There is clean laundry on my spare bed, waiting to be folded. There are tumbleweeds of dog fur roaming the house, even though I recently swept. And I have a ToDo list longer than any week can reasonably manage. We like to be predictable and reliable around here. 

Here's some of the fun NEW things for this week...

  • We got a Sodastream. It's fun.
  • We had fun at two big of play dates. It rained a lot this week, so the play dates were a Godsend...
  • The girls came to my Physical Therapy appointment with me. They actually were angels.
  • HeyMama has starting sleeping without a pull-up. And last night I didn't have to change the sheets!
  • MeToo transitioned from "barnacle" to "fish" at swimming lessons. The bruises on my neck from her death grip are finally fading...
  • HeyMama tried paddling without the kick board, pool noodle, or barbell floaties. She still has the flotation belt on, but doggie-paddled across the pool like a champ!
  • We're selling our double stroller tomorrow and getting a single with a standing board. I stripped the stroller to the frame and washed the fabric. That was an interesting experience.
  • In one day, I took the girls to swim lessons, helped host a church meeting/cookout at our house, and went to work in the afternoon. Then deployed praying mantis egg sacks into our garden after dinner. Swimming, God, making money, and eco-friendly pest management, all in one Saturday. We're not usually so ambitious or productive. 
  • I jumped around and made myself hoarse in front of a bunch of kids singing some of my favorite childhood Sunday School songs. 
  • I held a few newborn babies. I concluded that I do like them still. But am still content to hand them back to their mothers. 
  • I wore one of my great consignment store dresses from the previous week's conquests, and again appreciated NOT wearing maternity or nursing clothes or holding my own newborn. 

Did I mention that I'm excited about downsizing our double stroller for a single? In my mind, this opens up the possibility of taking public transportation this summer. Look out world! No parking worries + 2 girls who like to skip naps = lots of fun summer adventures!!!

My naked double stroller.

Ok, it's crazy late, and the red wine I had with dinner isn't helping me be more alert...

Food waste:  I was a green leafy executioner again this week. I killed half a head of lettuce and half a bunch of mint. I think I also killed a bit of cucumber. OH!!! I almost forgot to mention my YOGURT FAILURE! I tried making a gallon of yogurt. I instead got a gallon of warm milk. I tried using a different culture, and I don't think the milk was warm enough to start culturing. If it weren't for the red wine still in my system, I'd be much crankier about the milk and effort wasted. I'm still deluding myself that I can do something with the yogurt-scented milk... I sent out the question to my local mommy network, and have hope that someone will come back with good ideas...

M&Ms:  not too bad this week. But ice cream was my drug of choice.

Money:  I bought a Sodastream. New in the box from a local mom, so half price. But it wasn't a necessity...

Patience: We did a lot of playing this week. A lot of it was inside, but it was with friends. Friends help with patience. A LOT!!!

Exercise:  I went to the gym only twice this week. My goal is to prioritize this more in the upcoming week.

Ok, time for bed. Hope you had a great week!


  1. With the milk: pancakes. Make 'em & freeze 'em, warm in the toaster or microwave. Great for those busy days.

  2. I also had "experimental" yogurt this weekend, but in a different way. Cultured and incubated starting at 2 p.m. on Saturday...and pulled it out of the incubator (oven) at 6 a.m. on Sunday. Don't know if it was the extra growth time or if I finally got the ratio right (1.5 c dry milk to 1 gallon whole milk), but it came out super thick and creamy. And I think my cultures morphed during the extra long/extra low temp phase and started creating (here's your 25 cent word of the day) exopolysaccharides to give longer texture. Think sour cream and the way it dollops off the spoon. But I'm still alive after a serving and no negative side effects, so it didn't spoil!!

    BTW - what culture did you use for yours?

  3. It was a great week for playdates, and for eating food prepared by kind friends. I'm glad you enjoyed holding our newborn. I love babies so much it's certainly worth the sleep deprivation. And smelling like eau de breastmilk perfume.

    I do look forward to wearing non-maternity, non-nursing clothes, though. I will have been pregnant or nursing continuously for 7 years before that happens, so my clothes may be somewhat dated by then... Or will they be back in style?

    PS - L is responding to the antibiotics well today so we're all very happy here and hoping you don't get sick!