Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Donated Stroller

I recently groused to my friends on Facebook about someone donating a stroller for Ruth House that was in gross and grimy condition. Shannon asked the question, "How bad could it be?" Well, I took a good look at the stroller tonight. Shannon, I'll let you see for yourself.

Here's the stroller in my kitchen.

Here's some of the fabric. That's mildew. And holes.

Yes, that's a hole where the fabric is rotting.

There's mildew in the seat.

Lots of mildew and dirt.

Now, the miser in me says, "Oh, you could just bleach that mildew right out." And maybe that's true. We bought our patio set second-hand, and I successfully brought some pretty gnarly cushions back to life. But given the already-rotting fabric, I don't think that bleach would make this stroller any better. 

So lady, thanks for your generous donation, but I think we'll have the local trash guys drive this to the dump instead of me driving it down to Ruth House.

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  1. Good call, Joy. All good intentions from the donor but, thankfully, we have other options.