Friday, June 1, 2012


Thanks to Janice, I had myself a fantastic crylaugh tonight. I chuckled. I laughed. I laughed harder. The tears started flowing. I started gasping for air and making squeaky noises. Then I woke up MeToo. 

This is the reason.

Thanks to Mr. Fariss, we played Carmina Burana in my high school band. While the instrumentation is a lot of fun, I think the song is more commonly known for its vocals. In Latin.

I read the lyrics back in the day, but not knowing much Latin, I wasn't so interested. I think the "MIS-hearing" has GOT to be better than the real thing. I'm still trying to catch my breath. And I can't watch it again until the girls are awake.

I'm again thankful for the early exposure to powerful and noteworthy music that Mr. Fariss gave us. I'm also extremely thankful for Janice sharing a hysterical and noteworthy riff on an otherwise overused-in-Hollywood-heroic-scenes orchestral and choral work.

Now it's time to wipe my tears, go downstairs to bed, and try not to wake up BestestHusband every time I think of the animation of the "windmill cookies."


  1. That was pretty good! I love those types of videos. I liked the North Korea part a lot, too.

    1. I think the octopus/Korea part and the windmill cookies might be tied for best parts of the video!