Monday, June 18, 2012

Slacking Off

I've always struggled with slacker tendencies.
In fact, since I typed the first line, I've gotten up to eat dessert, watch The Bachelorette, read email, and snuggle with the dogs. I'm easily distracted. And can easily justify it all.

Summer is making this worse. We're out having fun and are home less, so I'm less likely to sit at the computer writing blog entries. I'm less likely to heat up the kitchen by cooking. And I'm more likely to blow off a trip to the gym to stay home and enjoy other things. 

Today, I dressed in gym clothes, with the plan to go later this afternoon. I knew it would be a busy day, and I didn't want to have to do multiple costume changes. We met up with friends and played at a playground for a few hours. We came home. I was tired, and wasn't really motivated to clean. So I joined MeToo for a nap. It's a rare opportunity, and I wanted to capitalize on it. And I needed the sleep. So when I woke up, it was close to gym time, but I hadn't started laundry or pre-prepped dinner. So I started working on laundry, and HeyMama helped me. So we hung out wet laundry out on the deck. MeToo woke up and joined us. It was SO NICE outside! I decided that we needed a salad for dinner, and the girls and I went to the garden to pick some greens. We puttered around in the back yard for a while. HeyMama was captivated by the concept of picking and eating mint leaves straight from the garden. We played outside. We dug in the sand pile that will eventually be moved into our new sand box. Everyone was happy, no one was rushed, and it really was a lovely afternoon. Going to the gym really would have ruined all of that. I made a salad and grilled the chicken. We were able to eat shortly after BestestHusband got home from work. We had time to enjoy a relaxing dinner out on the patio. Going to the gym would have ruined all of that. 

I really was motivated to work out today. Seriously. I'm not even trying to be funny. But sometimes opportunities arise that are more important than accomplishing my daily goals. I know that when I'm 80, I won't care much about getting to the gym 3 days a week. I will remember trying to teach MeToo how to use a clothes pin, and how helpful HeyMama wanted to be. I will remember the feel of the evening air and the joy of sharing a meal on the patio with my family. I know that I'm making good choices for my family. But it doesn't help my slacker tendencies at all. And it only reinforces my tendency to justify things...

Happy Monday!

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