Monday, June 4, 2012

I Got A Sodastream

When mentioning my desire to add a Sodastream to our household, I was asked the question, "Where would we fit a Sodastream in our kitchen?"

My response? "Right between the Kitchenaid and the compost pail."

I think it looks happy there. It's settling in quite nicely.

For the record, I bought it new in its box from someone in my mommy network for half the price of a new one in the store. And her name was Hope. And she's also an SLP! (Yes, Joy and Hope both had some joys and hopes surrounding this particular kitchen gadget, and there was a happy ending all around.)

Also for the record, my kitchen walls are not yellow, despite all of my pictures. They're a soft beigey color that changes colors with the light. But yellow is not in its usual color palette...

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