Friday, June 15, 2012

I Hope I Never Forget

Life with young children can be a blur of activity. But every now and then, time slows down for a few minutes, and I become aware of moments that I hope I never forget.

Now, I work with the elderly, and know that dementia does not differentiate between good and bad memories. It doesn't take the sad and leave the happy. It doesn't take the inconsequential and leave the precious. It just takes whatever memories it wants, good or bad. I wish there was a way to flag "keepers", the way you can flag important emails in your inbox. 

Tonight would be a "keeper." 

I hope I never forget the satisfaction of picking salad greens from my own garden. Setting a dinner table out on the patio. Breathing mild early-summer air. Watching the sun set through the trees. Listening to the birds chirp. Watching the girls play together while we grownups finish a glass of wine. The sound of MeToo when I tickle her. Over and over and over. The feeling of satisfaction of a long day drawing to a close. 

I'm thankful for the presence of mind to appreciate such small things. To know that I have something wonderful going on and say "I won't take this for granted." I wish there was a way to make sure I never forget this moment.

The moment where HeyMama sassed me and I sent her to timeout and she screamed for 15 minutes? I'm happy to forget that one.

Lettuce, spinach, basil, and rosemary fresh from the garden! Yum!

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