Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Accidental Homebirth

Children love to keep us on our toes. Just as soon as you think you have a schedule, BAM! The schedule changes. Just as soon as you think you know your child, BAM! Your child changes. Children are very good at surprising us. 

A dear friend of mine just had a baby. I'll protect her medical identity by calling her "Friend". (creative name, huh?) She's the ever-practical and calm person who makes motherhood look easy. I'm sure she'd disagree with this statement, because she's also humble. Anyway, she just had her third child. Her first 2 children came significantly early. I've always been a tad bit envious of that, as my 2 both came late. But baby #3 wanted to be different. Keep her on her toes. Baby #3 came late. And baby #3 came fast. 3 hours, start-to-finish. They didn't have time to get to the hospital. Baby #3 was born at home.

It's a growing trend in my local mommy network, and I know of many well-planned home births that were ideal births. Experienced midwives were on hand. Doulas were on hand. They'd planned the birth for months. Working in healthcare and knowing what germs lurk in hospitals, I understand the desire to avoid all of that and just birth in the comfort of your own home. 

This does not appear to be Friend's situation. No, baby #3 was delivered by her own father and grandmother. With assistance from a helpful 911 dispatcher, of course. And a friendly post-birth visit from helpful local Fire, Police, and EMT teams. 

The email and FB updates report that everyone is healthy and doing fine. I can't wait to hear the who story from Friend. That makes for quite an entry in the Baby Book!


  1. My second was born a week late in the backseat in front of the hospital; delivered by his dad while his grandfather ran in to get medical personnel. Had been in earlier and sent home with Seconal since I wasn't in real labor, then went through about 1 hour (maybe) of labor before delivering. They delivered the placenta in the delivery room so they could get the charge!

    1. That's quite the story for a baby book, too!