Monday, May 14, 2012

Revenge of the Amoxicillin

So I earned myself the Worst Mother of the Year Award this weekend by allowing HeyMama to get a sunburn on her shoulders. Saturday morning we went down the street to our friends' yard sale. I didn't expect we'd be there long. But we were. Without sunscreen.

So HeyMama had bright red shoulders this morning. I slathered her in aloe. The redness spread down her arms. Then little bumps appeared. I called the doctor's office. By the time the nurse called back, the bumps had spread to her legs. The nurse scheduled us for an appointment in the evening. By the time we got there, the bumps were on her chest and back. They were spreading to her face.

The verdict? Allergic reaction to amoxicillin.

Poor HeyMama. She's red and swollen all over now. And itchy. And sad.

At bedtime, we all said special prayers for her little red bumps. Even MeToo asked God to make her feel better.

I hope the Benadryl works. At least we know she'll get a good night's sleep...


  1. Poor baby! I hope she feels better soon. I got the same thing from amoxicillin and I was pretty cranky about it, too (I was 20 or so, though). There's nothing like getting over one illness and coming out in bumps!

    1. Thanks. She's a trooper. Poor kid...