Monday, May 7, 2012

Moms Aren't Allowed to Get Sick

I'm glad I have a fever. You can't make a fever happen or not happen. It just is. And in my book, it's proof that I have a RIGHT to feel this crappy. Because Moms aren't allowed to get sick. Life is just not structured for Mom sickness. Well, at least mine isn't...

And if my kids have to get sick, I'm glad we're all finally sick at the SAME TIME. So we can all lie on the couch together, happy to watch PBS Kids. And schedule all of our doctors appointments within a 2 hour stretch. This is a convenient illness, if you ask me. We usually stretch out our illnesses over a week, where there's always a conflict between people who want to go to the playground vs. people who want to lie on the couch and watch PBS. Or just sleep and moan (that's my typical response to being sick).

I rarely take my kids to the doctor for "looking sick". They need serious or prolonged symptoms to get me to make the trek. But a fever in me is a rare thing. And the hideous tonsils lurking in the girls' throats? They're pretty serious.

And I always question myself when I start to feel droopy. Am I REALLY getting sick? Or just being a wuss? Have I gotten enough sleep? Had enough caffeine to drink? PMS-ing? Just in a crabby mood? Procrastinating from some task I really despise? But why do I really doubt myself? Sometimes I DO get SICK. I know it's not ALLOWED to happen, but hey, call me a rebel.

BestestHusband had a thing in his mouth that he was already taking antibiotics for, and his doctor agreed today that this was the reason he DOESN'T currently have strep. He was signed up for another course of antibiotics for his mouth thing, and told to eat a lot of yogurt. "My wife happens to make it by the gallon," he told her. "Unsweetened?" Yes, when I make yogurt by the gallon, I do make it unsweetened. Perhaps my yogurt-as-procrastination habit isn't such a bad one, after all...

Our current pharmacopeia.


This is what strep throat looks like.

The nurse who looked in my mouth informed me that I have white patches in my throat.
Now you can see them too!


  1. I'm glad your taking the opportunity to slow down and rest, and glad it's convenient and drugs will cure you relatively quickly.

    I had to laugh at the tonsil photos...only an SLP would proudly display them. Not to boast, though, but you've got nothin' on my & B's tonsils even when not infected.

    Get well soon, girls!

    1. Thanks Anne!
      Of course you know that now I have to take a peek at your tonsils...

  2. Yep, those are strep tonsils all right.....thanks for sharing:)!!

    It is much more convenient to have everyone sick at once as long as there is one adult healthy enough to keep the basic household activities going, i.e. food, dishes & laundy. Hope you are all feeling better soon!

    1. Wait, it sounds like the adult who is NOT sick is supposed to help with the food, dishes and laundry?! Hmmm, I think we didn't get that memo...