Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Swallowing Rocks Studded With Nails

Today is a "sick day." Well, I'm home from work because I have strep throat. Already fragile patients in Rehab Hospitals don't respond well to being exposed to strep throat. I'm fine with this concept. But the girls are home with me because they also have strep throat. So while we're all sick, I don't think this counts as a "sick day" in the way that I used to know them. Before kids, "sick days" were days that you were too sick to go to work, so you stayed at home, horizontal on your couch or bed. You didn't exert yourself. You caught up on sleep. Maybe someone even made you chicken soup. But apparently moms don't get "sick days". 

I went to bed early, but couldn't manage to fall asleep quickly. And when I finally did, I spent the night sweating like a marathoner, waking fitfully to find myself swallowing rocks studded with nails. Ok, so in reality I was only swallowing my own saliva. But it felt like I was swallowing rocks studded with nails. Or maybe just shards of glass. 

Have I mentioned that I don't like strep throat?

I ridiculously assumed that my girls, also stricken with strep throat, would be willing to take a nap. Consequently, I would be able to take a nap. At least I could have an hour or so of a "sick day." Alas, it was not to be so. They're well enough to not take a nap, but not well enough to handle the elements of daily life without dissolving into whining, arguments, and tears every 10 minutes. Sigh.

So we're eating a lot of yogurt to combat the antibiotics we're taking. I had to make another batch of yogurt today. I suspect it will last us until Friday. Maybe longer if I ever get up the will to serve something different for dinner. 

Oh, and today is a day that MeToo has decided that she wants to wear undies and use the potty. So I'm cleaning pee accidents at inconvenient intervals. The fun just never stops.

Wash your hands, friends. You don't want my "sick day" to happen to you!


  1. You're right, Moms don't get sick days. Unless Dad takes the day off to take care of the kids. Which doesn't usually happen, although I am selfish enough to insist on it occasionally.
    The rest of the time I just hope they are sufficiently entranced by an hour or so of PBS kids that they don't notice that they're sitting on a Mommy who has completely passed out on the couch.

    1. Well, if we measure "improvement" by the hours of PBS watched, today was better - only 2 instead of around 5.

      Of course, those 2 hours were when I was making yogurt and attempting to manage kitchen/dishes/laundry, etc.

      I "selfishly" insisted that B manage serving dinner and bathing the kids before going to a church meeting tonight.

  2. Have you tried the antibiotic shot? My last episode of strep was cured in less than 24 hours with a very painful administration of antibiotics. The nurse told me that it is thicker than a normal vaccination so she had to administer it very slowly which prolonged the burn. My glute (yes, just one side) hurt for longer than my throat did.

    1. I'm thinking my oral antibiotics would actually work better if I could get some extra sleep to go along with them...

      Alas, if there is a next time, I'll know that I should ask for the shot.