Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hulking Monster

There's a hulking monster in the spare bedroom. It keeps growing bigger and bigger, trying to engulf the bed.

I was grateful to flee from it today, and happily skipped to the train station to go to work.

I showed a picture to a coworker, who groaned. "I have one of those at home too. I hate it."

I felt a little better. She doesn't have kids. I never had monsters like this before the kids came along.

Laundry that needs to be folded. It's menacing.

How did it get to be so bad?

I ask myself this, frequently. I wondered if it was because:

  • I took the girls to he doctor Monday afternoon instead of getting stuff done
  • We went shoe shopping on Wednesday morning
  • HeyMama and I made bread on Wednesday afternoon
  • I went out Wednesday night with a friend for drinks
  • I did the laundry in bursts whenever I was home instead of spacing it out evenly through the week
  • All of the above

I discussed this with my Wednesday night drinking buddy, a mom of three down the street. It's amazing how trying to fit one extra thing into your week can totally throw everything out of whack. Like laundry. I managed to get it all clean, but folding it was just asking too much. And there are always random little things inserting themselves into the week. Shopping for a birthday. Shopping for Summer shoes. You'd think by now that I would have figured it out by now. You'd think wrong.

Oh well. The girls are getting a chance to wear through the last clean clothes in their closet, and I can see if those rarely-worn clothes still fit or not. So I can wash them and let them sit on the bed again.

Do you have any monsters hulking in your house?


  1. We have one sometimes. Currently the in-laws are sleeping on that bed, so we have enforced laundry folding. However, I will fess up to having our 4 year old rummage through our 'monster' to find something to wear on occasion... She thinks it's like a treasure hunt. The girls both complain when I fold the laundry instead of having a pile to play in! At least someone's happy about it.
    We once had an empty box monster in the basement. We had about 50 boxes by the time my Dad visited and dumped out all the beads and flattened them all. The dangers of having a nice big basement...
    And don't get me started about all the stuff crammed into the one room in the house fenced off from the kids.

    1. I rummaged through the monster to get C's clothes this morning.
      We would have a box monster if I allowed it.
      I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with these problems...

  2. I have a "things that aren't mine and shouldn't be tossed, but their owner hasn't found a home for them" monster in my closet which is where it was tossed before LAST CHRISTMAS when we were getting ready for a party. It's joined by a "can't be bothered to hang it up or put in hamper, so I'll drape it over a low rod" monster; unfortunately that is of my making & I have no excuse.

    1. We also have similar smaller monsters around the house.

  3. I've always said it's a good week when last week's laundry is put away before the next load...and I don't have a lot of good weeks. My baby steps are to fold the towels directly out of the dryer and put them away then & there (something about reducing the bulky volume ASAP makes it a little less intimidating?), and then to at least fold & sort clothes when I'm watching something on the computer or talking on the phone. Haven't figured out the magic spell for getting them back in the drawers/closet yet. And for as much of a problem as laundry is, papers are another story...

    1. Maybe I should take that approach: congratulate myself if I DO get it done, and not worry if I don't. The paper monster on the desk is growing to proportions that will earn it its own blog post soon...

    2. I have a magic spell for getting things back in the drawers - L loves to help put things away. So if I fold them, she'll put stuff in drawers for me. Now that I'm so bulky that walking around doesn't hold much appeal, quick little feet to run around putting things away are a godsend!
      And when it comes to my clothes (at least socks and other things that don't come unfolded), M and L argue over who gets to put them away. L is big enough that she even folds some things, and she's a great sock matcher. When you're 4, finding matching socks seems to be about as exciting as an Easter egg hunt. I hope this phase lasts as long as possible.

  4. Hmm... I seem to remember a sock monster in our dorm room at the foot of your bed freshman year.