Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stewardship Sunday, Febrile Edition

I think the Ibuprofen's starting to work. I feel like doing something other than lying on the couch. Well, I'm typing while lying on the couch. But it's still an upgrade. I can't remember the last time I had a fever. But I now remember why I don't like them.

MeToo has swollen tonsils. And she's been sucking on her Paci like I take to Junior Mints. Poor kid.

So let's make this quick.

Food waste: I need to toss half a can of hummus. (yes, a can. I get it at the Lebanese market.) I tossed a few Tbsp of salad dressing because I needed the measuring cup I mixed it in. I have a batch of yogurt dill sauce that needs to be tossed.

Patience: I didn't exercise as much this week, and was wiped out from my body fighting this bug. This definitely affected my patience.

M&Ms: In a moment of weakness, I bought peanut M&Ms to replenish the potty treat container. There were many more weak moments after that.

Money: We went to both Trader Joes and Target. Yikes.

Hope you have a great week. With healthy tonsils.

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