Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stewardship Sunday

It's Sunday again. I'm not sure where the day went... well, actually, I do. Much of it was spent at church, thanks to an afternoon Voter's Meeting. And yesterday was spent at work. So I don't feel like I had much of a weekend. I'm starting this post to procrastinate from finishing the dishes. With little perceived weekend, doing dishes just doesn't sound like much fun...

We had more fun this past week than the week before it. Well, I did... HeyMama had an allergic reaction to her amoxicillin, and had a nasty rash. It's almost gone now. Poor kid looked like a leper. But we did more fun stuff. We had lots of play dates. We went places. We bought glittery nail polish and have glittery toes. BestestHusband battled a boulder. It was a great week.

The laundry monster is still stalking me from the spare bedroom. I must conquer him tonight, so I'll be brief.

Exercise:  I only made it to the gym once. I plan to remedy that this week.

Patience:  It's closely tied to how often I make it to the gym, but having fun and being outside in glorious weather helped a bit.

M&Ms:  Less gym time = more M&Ms consumed. It's an unfair relationship.

Money:  We did shoe shopping this week. Ouch. Our trip to CVS resulted in the purchasing of multiple headbands and hair appliances. And nail polish. It's expensive to be a girl.

Food Waste: We threw out half of a bunch of mint, and will likely toss half a can of tomatoes. I'm trying not to waste the whipped cream I made earlier in the week. I think somehow I'll manage to consume that and not the container of salad greens that are trying to go bad in my fridge...

Hope you have a great week! Now, off to slay the dread laundry monster...

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