Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meet My Mum

I'd like you to meet my Mum. She's a lovely lady. This is her 34th Mother's Day. 

And to celebrate, I'd like to share some fun facts about her from my childhood.

  • Though usually disguised as a well-mannered and reserved Pastor's wife, she has a wicked silly streak.
  • Growing up, she was the prettiest mom in our church. And we went to a big church. 
  • She taught me to chair-dance at the dinner table, bopping my head around while staying in my seat.
  • Earlier in my life, she showed me how to live a life of volunteering, rarely saying "No" to anything.
  • Later in my life, she showed me that knowing how to say "No" is just as important as knowing how to say "Yes".
  • She showed me how to take strong feelings and speak them in gentle words. 
  • She showed me how to wear bold colors. And tasteful makeup.
  • She taught me about Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning, the wonder seasoning that works wonders.
  • She taught me to make pie. I think I was 4...
  • She showed me that even if you don't like being the center of attention, sometimes you just suck it up and speak in public. 
  • She showed me the importance of prayer. And Faith. And Hope. And Grace.
  • She told me that emotions are just emotions. We can't control or change them. But actions, that's what we can control and change.
  • She showed me that patience is a virtue. (Unfortunately, she never taught me the secret to being patient...)
  • She showed me what living in a clean and organized house was like. (Never mind that I've forgotten...)
  • She showed me that making something can be the best part about having something. (BestestHusband, the craft supplies in the spare bedroom are all her fault...)
  • She told me that holding myself to my own values and goals was far better than living up to someone else's. Besides, my goals were harder anyway.
  • She gave me space to let my imagination wander. 
  • She gave me time to learn to entertain myself. 
  • She taught me to play car games, looking for letters in highway signs and funny billboards. We went on a lot of car trips. 
  • She taught me to sing at any time. Make up a song, if needed.
  • She encouraged my interests. 
  • She told me that "sometimes, you just need a good cry."
  • She gave lots of hugs. 
  • She demonstrated what joy looks like.

Nowadays, she lives a time zone away. A long flight + a long drive, or a long flight + a long layover + a short flight away. It's much much too far. And I miss her.

Happy Mother's Day, Mum!


  1. That's so wonderful, Joy! She stayed with us for just one night, and she taught L to sing "The wheels on the bus", which is still one of her favorite songs.

    1. Hey, she taught me to sing that song, too! Having her appear at my baby shower was such a great gift and wonderful surprise. Thanks again!

      And Happy Mother's Day!