Saturday, May 5, 2012

Special Treat

I got a special treat this morning. I got to rock my baby to sleep.

This is a rare thing for me. Mostly because, having 2 kids 14 months apart, I greatly prioritized having 2 kids who could put themselves to sleep in their own cribs. And as soon as I could wean them off of being rocked to sleep, I did. So it's been a while.

But MeToo was up before 6am this morning. And crawling into our bed did not result in her falling back asleep. Instead, I got a sharp-nailed scalp "massage" and an annoying amount of hair-pulling. And after helping her slide down from the bed, one dog got locked in a kennel, and a few pairs of my shoes were retrieved and lined up on the floor. BestestHusband finally took her upstairs about 75 minutes later, and let me actually get some sleep. So around 11:15 this morning, MeToo was crashing hard. 

Take a nap? Heck no!!! Rock with Mama? Ok. So she curled her little body into my lap and melted into my arms. This is one of the small joys of parenthood. A little one who can curl up and mold her body onto yours. With a perfect fit. 

I have no plans to start rocking the girls to sleep again. But once in a while, it's a special treat.

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